Nano Cell TM

Compact Modular Robotic System

NanoCell offers all the flexibility and modularity of the High Res MicroStar, but does so over a very small footprint. HighRes can integrate a NanoCell with other NanoCells, or even other HighRes systems such as ACell, TCell, or MicroStar. NanoCell is a superlative solution for customers with lower budgets, space constraints or who are looking to supplement their existing HighRes robotic systems.



Key Features:

  • HighRes MicroDocks and turntables provide flexibility and Modularity over a very small footprint
  • Industrial-grade robot allows for reliable picking and placing of lab ware
  • Cellario scheduling software with full error recovery and over 100 device drivers
  • Can be easily expanded in the future by linking additional systems to your existing system
  • Can be fitted with a range of enclosures and safety options
  • Can integrate devices on mobile carts or fixed tables

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